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What is Careberry Family?

You may be used to having paper records in a folder called a ‘Personal Support Plan’ which is kept in the home, Care at Home however operates on a digital system called Careberry, which is used to record all aspects of the care that we provide.

Our carers will use an app on their mobile phone to view the tasks which need to be completed during their visit (including medication), confirm the tasks which have been completed, record their notes and raise any alerts to our office team.

Our carers will input information which will be available immediately to your care manager and care coordinator in the office as a live feed, and they will be able to monitor events in real time and act on them accordingly.

Why would I want to use the Careberry Family App?

Access is available for the next of kin (with consent) and the information below will be made available to both our clients and their next of kin:

  • You will be able to view the visit schedule, including times of visits and who is due to attend

  • You will be able to view which tasks and activities were completed during each visit (including any notes)

  • You will be able to see what medication has been given (including any notes)

  • You will be able to see if any medication was refused or if activities were not completed and importantly, notes detailing why this is the case

  • Our company has moved to paperless records, so without Careberry, you will not have access to this information in your home

Your Feedback is Important to us!

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